Overcoming challengesAdvancing the Civic Mission of Schools: What schools, districts, and state and federal leaders can do.


The Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools is working with advocates from across the political spectrum to elevate civic learning as an educational priority. As a campaign, we need leadership at all levels and in all sectors to restore civic purpose to American schools. Political and school district leaders have particular and significant opportunities to change public education policy.

This guide, Advancing the Civic Mission of Schools, reflects the wisdom of a variety of experts and activists consulted by the campaign. It identifies six challenges to civic learning, including:

  • Making students’ civic learning a priority in school reform
  • Integrating civic learning into the curriculum
  • Implementing sound civic education standards
  • Developing better assessment methods to evaluate students’ civic learning and making schools accountable for civic education
  • Improving teachers’ and administrators’ training for civic education
  • Increasing collaboration between schools and communities

The guide discusses these challenges and lays out clear action steps that schools, districts, state and federal leaders can take to meet them.  All advocates can use their influence to persuade political and district leaders to pursue these actions.

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The Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools is a Project of the Leonore Annenberg Institute for Civics of the Annenberg Public Policy Center University of Pennsylvania.