Information and Resources for the Media, Parents and All Citizens

We are not born knowing the values of democracy or with the civic knowledge and skills to be an informed and engaged citizen. All Americans must acquire the civic knowledge and skills to participate. While the family, the community and religious institutions all play a part in helping to develop civic knowledge and skills, our schools are the one universal place we all experience that helps develop our civic disposition and knowledge. For over two hundred years, this has been the civic mission of American schools, a mission as important to our nation’s future as helping students develop the skills for higher education and the workplace. In recent years, the civic mission of our schools has been increasingly marginalized.

  • The Media can play an important role in fostering high quality civic learning for all students. Promoting effective civic learning is in the enlightened best interest of the media, as civic learning encourages students to keep informed and follow the news.  For information and resources for the media, please click here.
  • Parents and All Citizens should be concerned about the civic learning offered in our schools. Are your children receiving adequate civic learning opportunities? Are all students being provided the civic learning they need to develop the civic knowledge and skills necessary to be an engaged and informed citizen? For information and resources for parents and all citizens, please click here.

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